The Gilded Cage (Vampire: The Masquerade) by Ari Marmell

By Ari Marmell

The towns are the Kindreds Domain: The Kindred are hidden masters of towns, sating themselves at the blood of the vessels inside. Their domain names are outfitted at the backs of the mortals they prey upon, their fortunes made by way of proxies, their havens visited by way of the recognized and notorious alike. The evening belongs to people who can take what it has to provide. The Gilded Cage includes: structures and storytelling units for expanding one's own impression; ideas for the main strong elder and lowliest neonate alike; and tips and information gamers' characters can hire to achieve energy -- and that Storyteller characters can use opposed to them.

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When used in this way, those who wish to see through the ruse with detect arcana use their arcane skill roll as an opposed roll against the concealer’s skill (rolled anew each time detect arcana is cast). The detecting character may only attempt to see through concealed powers once per fresh casting. Dispel • Rank: Seasoned • Power Points: 3 • Range: Smarts • Duration: Instant • Trappings: Waving hands, whispered words. Dispel allows a hero to negate enemy spells, miracles, mad science, or super powers.

Targets with cover may subtract the cover modifier from the total distance moved (to a minimum of 0), and flying targets suffer an additional –2 to their Strength roll. Additionally, roll a d6 to see if the flyer is moved toward the ground (1 – 2), stays level (3 – 4), or is moved away from the ground (5 – 6). Additional Effects: For double the Power Points, havoc affects a Large Burst Template. Healing • Rank: Novice • Power Points: 3 • Range: Touch • Duration: Instant • Trappings: Laying on hands, touching the victim with a holy symbol, prayer.

Any living creature (not undead or constructs) within the area must make a Spirit roll, at –2 if the caster scored a raise. Those who fail fall asleep. Loud noises awaken the sleepers as if they were a normal sleeper. When the duration expires, the sleepers naturally wake up. Smite • Rank: Novice • Power Points: 2 • Range: Touch • Duration: 3 (1/round) • Trappings: A colored glow, runes, sigils, crackling energy, barbs grow from the blade. This power is cast on a weapon of some sort. If it’s a ranged weapon, it affects one entire magazine, 20 bolts, shells, or arrows, or one full “load” of ammunition (the GM may have to determine the exact quantity for unusual weapons).

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