Foundations of Hadronic Chemistry - With Applns to Clean by R. Santilli

By R. Santilli

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The platinum-carbon bonds of the bis(allylphenyl)platinum are susceptible to carbon monoxide insertion. The initial product of reaction between CO and the platinum complex 42a is a species showing terminal carbonyls, 42 d, but on standing for some time in benzene this isomerizes to a complex with acyl carbonyl bands and coordinated olefins only, 42 e, formed by intramolecular insertion of CO. The triphenylphosphine complex 42b reacts with bromine to give a platinum(IV) species 42f, assigned the cyclic structure with four platinum-carbon a-bonds.

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O--~ q ) .............. ~ 1 CH2OC~Hs Fig. 27. T h e p r o p o s e d s t r u c t u r e s of the isomers of A u B r 2 ( a p . O E t ) Treatment of AuBrs(ap) with other alcohols and potential nucleophiles leads to formation of AuBr(ap). AuBrz(mp) reacts slowly (8 hours) with refluxing alcohols and other solvents to give a compound of formula AuBr2(mp). On the basis of its 27 D. I. Hall, J. H. Ling, and R. S. r. C~H4" PPh2. It is somewhat surprising that the allylic bromide is unaffected by refluxing alcohol during 8 hours.

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