Foundation Rails 2 by Eldon Alameda

By Eldon Alameda

You've heard approximately this impressive net framework known as Ruby on Rails that is taken the realm via typhoon, yet inspiration it was once means too advanced for you? imagine again.

Foundation Rails 2 takes you thru your first steps in Rails, explaining in simple English how one can commence development dynamic internet purposes. and there is by no means been a greater time to leap in to the Rails global, because the unencumber of Rails 2 used to be a massive evolutionary step forward from past versions.

Unlike different Rails books, this booklet does not throw you into the deep finish immediately within the hopes that you will discover ways to swim. as an alternative, we will start with the fundamentals and constantly extend your wisdom till, by means of the tip of the booklet, we are development a Rails software with dynamic good points resembling consumer registration, geocoding, filtering effects with AJAX, RSS feeds, and an XML interface. in the meantime, we will discuss the real matters that different books usually miss similar to trying out your application's code, securing your software from hackers, optimizing your code for the simplest functionality, and naturally, deploying your application.

This e-book takes a targeted method of guiding you thru realizing how the items of Rails paintings separately and the way they healthy jointly. rather than emphasizing dull theoretical discussions, Foundation Rails 2 permits you to get your arms soiled with the framework and research the hows and whys of Rails quicker than ever.

We commence with a travel of what makes Rails specified and why you want to research it, circulation right into a mild creation to the excessive issues of programming in Ruby, after which take a journey of a pattern Rails program. subsequent, we dig deeper into the middle parts of Rails ahead of construction a whole Rails program jointly. through the top of this e-book, not just will you understand how to construct Rails functions yet you are going to comprehend the explanations at the back of what you do.

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Instance variables will be the most common variable type that we’ll use in Ruby on Rails, as they are one of the key ways that we share data from the controllers to the views. get_variable # outputs 'test' Class variables Less commonly used in Ruby on Rails is the class variable, which follows the same naming conventions but is preceded by two @ signs, so class variables will look like @@name, @@database, and @@administrator. Class variables are used to set a variable within the class so that it will be available to all instances of that class.

Reverse # # # "STEWIE IS COOL! looC si eiwetS" We can also get a full list of all the available methods for an object by asking the object to list its methods; see Figure 2-3. 19 CHAPTER 2 Figure 2-3. Listing the available methods on a string object Well, that’s informative but also kind of hard to deal with if we’re looking for anything specific. Fortunately, we can also chain method calls, with each method next in the chain being called on the returned value of the previous (executed from left to right).

10 WHY RAILS? Deployment difficulties Although developing web applications in Rails is a pure joy, historically, deploying those same Rails applications to a production web server could be a challenge—especially for people who have never done any server administration. By its nature, Rails is a bit more demanding to deploy when compared to a solution such as PHP. I could tell you horror stories about my first attempts to deploy Rails applications running FastCGI. Now, before you go running for the hills, let me assure you that deploying Rails applications has gotten tremendously easier over the years.

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