Fossil Fuels Utilization. Environmental Concerns by Richard & Bernard D. Blaustein, eds. Markuszewski

By Richard & Bernard D. Blaustein, eds. Markuszewski

Booklet by means of Marhuszewski, Richard and Bernard Blaustein, Eds

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K i t . 8 b -200 mesh. 5 HNO^. Acid t r t d . prod. Overall reduction Ash, Tot. S, Ash, Tot. S, Org. 8 Net treatment time at constant temperature is indicated. 0 Low. K i t . 0 Low. K i t . Low. K i t . 6 Low. K i t . 2 Low. K i t . 60 60 344 60 60 60 60 300 a Alkaline treatment s t e p Tot. S, Time, Recovery, Ash, % % min. 0 1. No. 6 1. No. 0 1. No. 0 1. No. 6 1. No. 2 J Na CO M Results of applying d i f f e r e n t a l k a l i n e treatment conditions to coal followed by leaching with 1. No. 6 Coal Table 3.

Recovered = % grams MAF coal out χ 100 grams MAF coal in e e e 2 2 3 E f f e c t of Various Washings on S u l f u r Forms. The total sulfur content of cleaned PT8 coal was ainalyzed by observing the various sulfur forms after d i f f e r e n t washing procedures. Results of these analyses are presented in Table I I I . Use of a 2L wash under standard condi­ tions (run #3) showed an appreciable residue of sulfateinthe cleaned coal, greater than the amount of sulfate present in the orig­ i n a l , untreated coal.

A t t i a , 1982. 3. Aplan, F. , NSF workshop, New York, 1978. 4. M i l l e r , K. J . S. Patent 3,807,557, A p r i l 30, 1974. 5. A t t i a , Υ. , "Selective F l o c c u l a t i o n Technology, State of the Art Review", 111th AIME Annual Meeting, D a l l a s , 1 9 8 2 . 6 . A t t i a , Υ. , "Fine P a r t i c l e Separation By Selective Flocculation", Separation Science and Technology, 1 7 (3), 1982, 7. 8. 9. 10. 75-83. A t t i a , Υ. , and Kitchener, D. , "Development of Complexing Polymers f o r the Selective F l o c c u l a t i o n of Copper Minerals", Eleventh Inter.

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