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This is known as color blindness. Can you see this number? If not, the pigment that picks up red light may be missing from your retina. 35 Smelly stuff Did you know that humans have the ability to tell the difference between about 10,000 smells? This incredible sense helps you to taste and enjoy things. How do we smell? Things have a smell because they give off particles called molecules. Sniff something and these travel up to cilia at the top of your nose. Under the microscope, cilia look like tiny hairs.

They then travel to the smell receptors. Cells at the top of your nose produce about 2 pints (1 liter) of mucus a day. Yo uh ave 10 rs. o t million smell recep A path to the brain The smell receptors then send a message to your brain, which either recognizes the smell or memorizes it if it hasn’t come across it before. A smell is recognized in an area toward the front of the brain. a aa a aaa atchooooooo Smell facts •A bloodhound’s sense of smell is 1,000 times better than a human’s. •Mucus is a clear fluid.

46 Oxygen the gas that humans take from air. Oxygen is needed to release energy from food. Senses the means by which humans find out about the world around them. The five senses are: hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell. Spinal cord the bundle of nerves that runs inside the backbone. Sweat a liquid that contains waste products. It is released through pores in the skin to help the body cool down. Tendon a tough cord that links muscle to bone. Trachea the tube that runs from the larynx to the lungs.

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