Excavations At Mendes: Volume 1. The Royal Necropolis by Donald Bruce Redford

By Donald Bruce Redford

This quantity constitutes the ultimate file at the excavations on the royal necropolis of the town of Mendes, which occupied five summer season seasons from 1991 to 1995. The burial of king Neferites I, founding father of Dynasty 29 (399-393 B.C.) is defined besides different burials, the town partitions, the shrine of the fish-goddess and varied inscriptions. The pottery recovered is taken care of in extenso, and sheds a flood of sunshine on Mendes' exchange kinfolk within the 5th-4th Cent. B.C. with Phoenicia and the Greek islands. Of specific curiosity is the startling new discovery of an important destruction layer which might be pinpointed to round 343 B.C. This sincerely displays the reprisals taken via the conquering Persians when they had re-occupied Egypt.

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2 On the four aspects of Banebdjed in the Late Period, see JSSEA 18(1988), 73-74 nn. 52-54. the relief-decoration of nepherites’ tomb and related epigraphy 31 at the top of the wall, and on the sides adjacent to corners. 3 7. Scenes. Few fragments recovered gave any indication of what scenes involving human figures were placed on the exterior face of the tomb chapel. #128 does, indeed, indicate two figures, one royal, standing back to back). 60 fragments attest the presence of borders, ten of these being horizontal star-borders in raised relief.

L. 40 m. 25 m. 20 m. ). The foundation of T l penetrated into the lower slopes of the tip-lines of limestone debris from the destruction of the tomb chamber and mastaba (“falls” # l through 3). Its inner (western) face rose at an angle of 78 degrees to a point 4 metres above the surface associated with the slope of the mound on which 17 I am indebted to Mss. Patricia Paice and Rexine Hummel for fruitful consultation on the ceramics from the land- fill. 18 The only exception was a battered fragment of relief from # 3 in F (not registered), and two “fish”-stela fragments (P 33= cat.

M. Blackman, JEA 27 (1941), pl. X-XII, 1, 5, 24), 2. -M. Kruchten, Les annales des prêtres de Karnak (XXI-XXIIImes Dynasties)... [Leuven, 1989], pl. 3 frag. 4), 3. -M. Chevereux, Prosopographie des cadres militaires égyptiens de la Basse Epoque [Paris, 1985], 64, Doc. 70), 4. , 64 doc. 2 It is unlikely, however, that any of them qualify; as the prima facie probability is that during the parochial times of Dyn. 22 a name found at a site points to a local worthy. Of 1 Less likely, it seems to me, is that we should restore ms instead of wr: cf.

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