Aspect Book Wood (Exalted RPG) by George Holochwost, Ellen Kiley, Exalted

By George Holochwost, Ellen Kiley, Exalted

The Verdant young children of Sextes Jylis Performers and medical professionals with out evaluate, the elements of wooden are the naturalists and beast-tamers of the Dragon-Blooded Host. but those ever-growing Exalts are excess of mere healers and beast-tamers. With their expressive mastery and their devotion to the Dragon of development, facets of wooden are the roots of the Dragon-Blooded and the renewing fountain in their humans. The Ashen Bows of the wooden element ebook: wooden is the ultimate point booklet for Exalted - books detailing the differing points of the Terrestrial Exalted. inside of it lie the tales of 5 participants of the Caste, from those that have simply graduated secondary college to the schemings of the heroic and dissolute Sesus Nagezzer. This publication additionally comprises the recent magical powers, ideas and artifacts that Wood-Aspected characters might want to declare their position between their humans as hunters and healers with out evaluate.

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Although my mother was the very embodiment of what was considered great and mighty in the eyes of House Sesus, it was my father who gave me the guidance that I know has made me great. For my father was possessed of the mind of a general, though he lacked the courage, while my mother wielded the might of a warrior, while her vision was that of animal incapable of escaping its immediate circumstance, chewing off its foot in a rage of no meaning. I believe I am living the legacy of the martial House of Sesus.

I had built this. I had made this so. Essence. I had been considering that, perhaps, the flow of fate that was tracked and delineated through the arts of astrology and the casting of lots could perhaps be microcosmically modeled and deciphered through the analysis of Essence play during the reproductive act itself. I had considered that, perhaps, the potential for Exaltation could be directly affected through the exercise of sexual postures that would lead to the correct configuration of Creation’s force, thus assuring the couple the blessing of Exalted offspring.

I hunted heretics in the North, barbarians and Fair Folk in the East. I spent some time in Lookshy, attached to a diplomatic envoy. I’ve been nearly everywhere at one point or another. From time to time I would return to the Blessed Isle for a season, two at most, to keep up appearances and to pay my respects to house and throne. Each time I did, it was with another promotion under my belt. OPERATIONAL PLAN, SHARKTOOTH LANDING I have some good news to tell all of you, which is that we have discovered the location of the pirate haven of Sharktooth through the use of intelligence assets that I’m not at liberty to discuss.

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