Storyteller's Companion (Exalted, 2nd Edition) by Alan Alexander, Zach Bush, Joseph Carriker, Peter Schaefer

By Alan Alexander, Zach Bush, Joseph Carriker, Peter Schaefer

Construction is a perilous position, and there aren't any extra robust magnets for possibility than the back sun Exalted. With a listing of enemies courting again to the 1st Age, the Lawgivers should be hardpressed to outlive lengthy adequate to set the area aright. in fact, the one factor the Solars are higher at than making enemies is forging alliances. If the Solars can reach making extra buddies than enemies during this Time of Tumult, maybe a brand new golden age should be outfitted in spite of everything. This booklet contains: An exhaustive breakdown of the 5 Exalted forms, their powers, their motivations and the army forces they might convey to undergo The Mandate of Heaven principles, which permit gamers to play out the destiny of countries greater than 30 Exalt templates, whole with allure programs, from which Storytellers may perhaps fast build antagonists for any Exalted sequence

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Even outside these extreme circumstances, Lunars who share a pack tend to work together to achieve their various ends, whether in the politics of the thing or in crafting artifacts or military cooperation. 46 LUNAR ENCOUNTERS On the edge of the Wyld, those in the know can find Lunar territory by following claw marks on the trees and stones. These marks are a loose code developed by the Pact. Though direct translation of the characters is primitive, Lunars read a great deal into the “calligraphy” of the marks.

SOCIALIZE CHARMS FRIEND-TO-ALL-NATIONS ATTITUDE Cost: 2m Type: Simple Duration: One scene Combo: Yes Minimum Ability: Socialize 3 Minimum Essence: 2 Effect: If the Dragon-Blooded can speak the local language, she can ignore any Social penalties caused by being a foreigner. Even if she cannot speak the local language, any Social penalties caused by being a foreigner are reduced by her Essence. SWEETEN THE TAP METHOD Cost: 2m Type: Simple Duration: One scene Combo: Yes Minimum Ability: Socialize 3 Minimum Essence: 1 Effect: The Dragon-Blood can increase the effects of alcohol consumed in the area, reducing the difficulty of all Socialize rolls by 1 for the scene.

The only Mass Combat Trait that does not fluctuate according to the unit’s political backing is Magnitude, which is consistent across the entire Dynastic military and is based on the chart below. As a practical matter, no Dragon-Blooded unit will enter the field with a Magnitude greater than 5, and unit tactics employing a Magnitude greater than 4 are uncommon. Magnitude 0 1 2 3 4 5 Unit Solo Unit (one soldier) Fang (5 soldiers) Scale (25 soldiers) Talon (125 soldiers) Wing (250 soldiers) Dragon (500 soldiers) CHAPTER ONE • THE DRAGON-BLOODED 41 42 CHAPTER CHAPTERTWO TWO THECHARACTER LUNAR EXALTED CREATION When the Lunars stepped aside and allowed the Solars to be murdered, the Lunars knew whose heads would be next on the chopping blocks.

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