Encyclopaedia of Biological Disaster Management: vol. 7. by Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Kumari Swarnim

By Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Kumari Swarnim

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6. It is society, able to carry out the full rigid control of activity of all groups of humans which can create global risks. However this control should not to turn to the tool of creation of risk, somehow, itself. 7. This society should be ready quickly and effectively take sufficient measures for prevention of any global risk. 8. This society should put considerable resources in creation of a different sort of bunkers, space settlements etc. Actually, this society should consider the survival as the main task.

Its new complexity will move its human roots. 6. The positive outcome - see more in detail the following chapter. People have created such super-power AI which operates the world, as much as possible realising potential of people and human values. This scenario has thin, but an essential difference with that scenario which leaves to people only sphere of virtual entertainments and pleasures. 38 Biological Disaster Management This difference - as between a dream about love and the real love. Almost each of these variants is steady attractor or a channel of succession of events, that is after passage of a critical point it starts to draw to itself different scenarios.

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