Encyclopaedia of Biological Disaster Management: vol. 5. by Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Kumari Swarnim

By Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Kumari Swarnim

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Such explosion can provoke war, or lead to death of the country leaders, having strengthened the general disorganisation and having deprived operating structures of the wisdom necessary for the decision of rather serious global problems. It can result also to crackdown and an establishment of a society of the total control which will result 48 Biological Disaster Management in appearance of movement of resistance in the spirit of antiglobalists and to new acts of terrorism. CONCLUSIONS ON RISKS OF APPLICATION OF THE NUCLEAR WEAPON Nuclear catastrophe threat is often underestimated or overestimated.

It is not enough of it for destruction of all people by force of explosion as in case of asteroids impact energy is in thousand times more. Superbomb explosion in a coal layer will cause, probably, long nuclear winter combined with strong radioactive contamination. (Similar as asteroid, probably, has resulted in destruction of deposits of oil in America 65 million years ago that had serious climatic consequences). Some tens the superbombs placed in different places of the Earth, can cover all territory of a planet with hurting blow.

All resulted strategy of nuclear opposition are not adhered exclusively to the nuclear weapon, but will be true and at appearance of any more powerful types of weapon, including AI and nanotechnology. More in detail these questions are considered, for example, in Arbatov’s book Decrease in battle readiness of nuclear forces of Russia and the USA - a way to reduction of nuclear threat. NUCLEAR TERRORISM AS THE FACTOR OF GLOBAL CATASTROPHE The phenomenon of nuclear terrorism in itself - that is anonymous explosion of a bomb of small capacity - cannot lead to human extinction.

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