Elfsorrow by James Barclay

By James Barclay

One other action-packed event from the recent grasp of delusion. The Raven trip to a brand new continent looking for mages to aid the ruined collage of Julatsa rebuild and locate themselves in the course of an historic curse--a curse that has unleashed a virus that threatens to wipe out the elven race. Barclay excels with one other story that pitches The Raven opposed to the clock and unseen foes. jam-packed with determined fights and mystery betrayals, the tale additionally fills in additional of Balaia's historical past and delves deeper into the traditional emnities among the schools. Barclay has created a superbly attractive workforce of heroes, and with each publication their heritage grows and the land they stay in turns into wider and richer. this is often landmark fable within the making.

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If ever there was a case of a plot acting like a man-trap this is it. Barclay brings a genuine aesthetic to the fantasy action novel’ Stan Nicholls ‘Truly excellent fantasy is rare. Truly excellent heroic fantasy is rarer still. Discovering a new author who writes truly excellent heroic fantasy is perhaps the rarest gem of all. com ‘The fantasy equivalent of The Magnificent Seven. A good fast read perfect for that legendary train journey, but more thoughtful than many novels in this area’ SFX ‘Quite simply, spectacular storytelling.

Hirad’s attention was caught by movement down on the terraces. A woman walked from behind a small tree-studded grotto and knelt by a beautiful array of flowers on a small mound of carefully tended earth. She was mid-height, with a full figure, her auburn hair tied back with a black ribbon. She plucked some weeds from the bed and Hirad saw her nipping the dead-heads from some of the taller fronds whose large yellow blooms blew in the gentle warm breeze. As always when he saw her, Hirad’s heart thudded a little harder and his mood dipped, sadness edging into his mind.

His eyes were scanning the dark, his ears pricked gauging the forest mood. Further out, on the tree platforms, Skiriin, Rourke and Flynd’aar had bows ready. It was all the confirmation Rebraal needed. He cocked an ear and listened hard, trying to gain a sense of the potential threat. The noise of the forest surrounded him, the heat stifling even in the hours before dawn. A dozen species of birds called mating or warning, monkeys screeched and greeted, their progress through the canopy marked by the rustle and crack of branches.

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