EKC2008 Proceedings of the EU-Korea Conference on Science by Je Hyun Baek, Minsuk Choi (auth.), Seung-Deog Yoo (eds.)

By Je Hyun Baek, Minsuk Choi (auth.), Seung-Deog Yoo (eds.)

Current study fields in technological know-how and know-how have been offered and mentioned on the EKC2008, informing in regards to the pursuits and instructions of the scientists and engineers in ecu nations and Korea. The convention has emerged from the belief of bringing jointly european and Korea to get to understand one another larger, in particular in fields of technology and technology.

The concentration of the convention is wear the topics:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Life and normal Sciences
  • Energy and Environmental Technology

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23 lend strong support to the existing contention that the introduction of flapwise stiffness can lead to a coaxial rotor system that possesses clear advantages in performance over the corresponding articulated system, and hence, by comparison against the results of previous studies [18], over the equivalent, conventional, planar rotor system. The results also lend some support, though, to the contention that the advantages of the coaxial rotor configuration in terms of overall performance may need to be offset against fundamentally unavoidable penalties in terms of the vibration, and thus, possibly, the noise that is produced by the lower rotor as a result of its aerodynamic interference with the wake that is produced by the upper rotor.

4 and 5, this definition is shown to yield a fair like-for-like comparison between the two disparate systems. It is seen that the difference in performance of the two types of rotor is actually of the same order as the plausible variability in the profile power of the two systems. The two rotors have the same solidity and thus the lift potential of the two systems is matched. In other words, blade stall cannot obscure the comparison between the two systems. The blades also operate in a comparable aerodynamic environment.

As time elapses, the interface becomes stationary. Then, the impact velocity and gravity have an effect on the tendency of cavity collapse. Especially, the behavior of surface at the center of cavity determines the formation of bubble. In this case, the bubble was entrapped at the center of cavity. H. Lee, G. Son, and N. Hur Fig. 12. Bubble entrapment (Fr=200, We=138, H=4D) 4 Concluding Remarks In the present study, a level set method was used to simulate various gas-liquid interfacial flows. By using the LS formulation and contact angle condition for non-orthogonal grids, it is shown that the LS method can be applied to various complicated phenomena of the sharp interfacial flows.

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