Savage Worlds: East Texas University by Pinnacle Entertainment

By Pinnacle Entertainment

Research. social gathering. shop the World.

East Texas collage gives you prestigious management, hooked up alumnae, the glorious Southern weather of Pinebox, Texas…and stressful roommates, professors that try and kill you (literally), and issues that cross bump within the evening. join at your individual risk.

East Texas collage bargains a well-rounded syllabus of personality production, new Edges & stumbling blocks, equipment, atmosphere ideas, and excursions of campus and within reach Pinebox, Texas. For complicated credits, learn the part on rituals and talismans. eventually, the journey Generator and encyclopedia of miscreants is bound to mild an inventive spark in even the main humorless campus parking enforcement officer. There are generator mechanics for events and adventures in addition to Ritual failure and a bit factor we adore to name “High Strangeness.”

Can you continue to exist 4 years of college?

East Texas collage calls for the Savage Worlds middle principles to play.

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William Greystone Building (Cultural/ Social Studies): This two story building is one of the oldest on campus. The small classrooms and cramped, dark offices make it an unpopular building for faculty and students alike. Graduate students spend countless hours in the windowless lab where they catalog and study artifacts from archeology digs. It is also where Dr. Maclanahan’s office is located. Zelmanek Mathematics Center: This plain, two story building offers few windows but several large lecture halls.

If opposed, the final roll is the only one the target rolls against. Mary performs a Ritual. Her first roll gets a raise, for 2 successes. The second roll’s final result is an amazing 13, for 3 more successes, and completes the Ritual. The power is opposed, and the target rolls a 7. Mary’s Ritual effects the target with a raise. Rank: Ritualists are not restricted by the normal rank requirements for powers, but Deans can use a power’s rank as a gauge of a ritual’s rarity. Components: Rituals require the expenditure of certain items.

Wilson Quarry: West of Pinebox, the old quarry operated from 1921 to 1929. The quarry was closed after a series of accidents and is said to be cursed. The current outof-town owners have shown no interest in selling or operating the quarry. Within the lowest part of the quarry is an icy cold, spring-filled pit. Local teens and college students regularly 40 trespass onto the property to use the natural springs for skinny-dipping and partying since it is difficult for the sheriff’s department to keep it under surveillance.

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