Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light by Namkhai Norbu, Michael Katz

By Namkhai Norbu, Michael Katz

Mystery Tibetan tools for operating with dream states.

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Indeed, I awoke at least two or three times in the course of trying to get into the state of relaxation. On one of these occasions I received instructions within the dream to loosen the mountaineering leggings that, due to exhaustion, I had failed to remove before falling asleep. When I awoke remembering the instructions, I untied them, and fell asleep once again, slowly relaxing into the state of Samaya. ” In order to comply I opened the tent to let in some fresh air, even though it was very cold and a fierce wind was blowing.

The very moment the iron piece fell out, the vulture flew away, heading due East in the direction of a large mountain called Sitang. The famous Dzogchen Monastery6 is behind that mountain. It was also on that mountain that my uncle normally lived in a cave. We examined the iron that had Men from the vulture’s wing. It was quite long. The top that had been embedded in the wing was triangular. I can still remember the beautiful sound that the iron piece made when it fell from the wing. This event was merely one of the oddities that frequently occurred around my uncle.

I knew perfectly well there is no cave up there. At least in those times there was no cave. ” The master became wrathful. ” So I didn’t argue anymore. I was very curious about it. I went out and started climbing up the mountain to see where the cave was. A certain part of the rock face is white, but in this dream I found it a little bit different from how it had been. It was all carved with innumerable letters which I could read in Tibetan. It seemed like a tantra. I thought, “This is very strange.

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