Dictionary Of Bio-technology by W Tang, S Q Song D Thangadurai

By W Tang, S Q Song D Thangadurai

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C C. Cytosine residue in either DNA or RNA. CAAT box. (also CAT box) A conserved sequence found within the promoter region of the protein-encoding genes of many eukaryotic organisms. It has the consensus sequence GGCCAATCT; it occurs around 75 bases prior to the transcription initiation site; and it is one of several sites for recognition and binding of regulatory proteins called transcription factors. Cabinet. See growth cabinet. Calf scours. A watery diarrhoea in calves. Callus culture. A technique of tissue culture; it is usually on solidified medium and initiated by inoculation of small explants or sections from established organ or other cultures (the inocula).

A rigid external coat which surrounds plant cells. It is formed outside the plasmalemma and consists primarily of cellulose. Cell. (small room) The smallest structural unit of living matter capable of functioning independently; a microscopic mass of protoplasm surrounded by a semi-permeable membrane, usually including one or more nuclei and various non-living products, capable-either alone or by interacting with other cells-of performing all the fundamental functions of life. Cell-free protein synthesis; cell-free system See in vitro translation.

Autoradiography. A technique that captures the image formed in a photographic emulsion as a result of the emission of either light or radioactivity from a labelled component that is placed next to unexposed film. The technique is used for detecting 28 Autosome the location of an isotope in a tissue, cell or molecule. The sample is placed in contact with a photographic emulsion, usually an xray film. The emission of b-particles from the sample activates the silver halide grains in the emulsion and allows them to reduce to metallic silver when the film is developed.

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