Dictionary of Basic Joseki, Volume 2 by Yoshio Ishida

By Yoshio Ishida

This wonderful analytical survey in 3 volumes has verified itself because the usual reference e-book in English on josekis.

Although this paintings has now been superceded through Takao Shinji's Dictionary ( The twenty first Century Dictionary of easy Joseki), it doesn't render Ishida's dictionary lifeless. one of many good points of Ishida's paintings is the varied references to specialist video games during which the various josekis indexed have been used, a function that doesn't exist in Takao's compilation.

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800 feet through the drain is Goruk lives alone, wandering dangerous. The walls are smooth Nar-Voth as a hermit. He believes and require successful DC 25 Climb the voice of Rovagug spoke to him checks without additional handholds as a boy, and he followed the sounds he GORUK or ropes, and the constant fall of water heard into nearby caves and eventually deep increases the DC of any climb checks by 5—but below the surface. He finds the destructive doing so cuts a day’s travel from the PCs’ journey.

Fear) Defensive Abilities evasion, natural invisibility, supernatural speed, uncanny dodge; DR 5/cold iron Weaknesses slow susceptibility OFFENSE Speed 120 ft. Melee +1 kukri +12 (1d3+2/18–20) Ranged thrown tool +11 (1d4+2) Special Attacks sneak attack +1d6 37 Spell-Like Abilities (CL 4th; concentration +7) 1/day—dancing lights, flare (DC 13), levitate, shatter (DC 15), ventriloquism (DC 14) TACTICS Before Combat Vashana spends most of her time in the stables, crafting new saddles, packs, bridles, and other associated riding equipment.

The svirfneblin rangers each carry a basic map of the nearby area, marked with areas of interest and directions to reach the duergar-patrolled Long Walk to the north. These maps do not contain any clues about how to find the Oremont, but the Tower of Karexin is clearly marked. Oremont Oremont is a small and well-hidden village that is home to a svirfneblin clan. The village is not easy to find, by design. Without a map or a guide, it blends in with the surrounding tunnels and caverns. Even with the knowledge of its existence, the village is hidden at the end of a maze of tunnels that seem to double back on themselves or lead back to the main tunnel.

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