Design of fuzzy PID controller for tracking control by Kim B.J.

By Kim B.J.

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764 Ϫ 347 ϭ (700 ϩ 60 ϩ 4) Ϫ (300 ϩ 40 ϩ 7) Here the idea is to subtract corresponding numbers: 7 from 4, 40 from 60, and 300 from 700. It is known that 7 is greater than 4, and 7 from 4 is Ϫ3, but suppose nothing is known about negative numbers. In the first parentheses, write 60 as 50 ϩ 10. 764 Ϫ 347 ϭ (700 ϩ 50 ϩ 10 ϩ 4) Ϫ (300 ϩ 40 ϩ 7) In the first parenthesis, add 10 to 4, so 14 is greater than 7. 764 Ϫ 347 ϭ (700 ϩ 50 ϩ 14) Ϫ (300 ϩ 40 ϩ 7) So now the resulting problem is to subtract 7 from 14, 40 from 50, and 300 from 700.

Using a scale enables the 37 Architecture Architectural drawings must be rendered with precision and to exact scale. Shown here is a drawing of a 17-story casino resort hotel. architect to draw a diagram of a room or building in a way that represents its actual proportions. For example, if the architect is trying to draw a section of wall that measures 4 feet 3 inches, the markings on an architect’s scale enables them to draw a line that consistently represents that distance on a smaller scale.

Alternatively, if the heights or distances are known, the angles can be determined. trigonometry the branch of mathematics that studies triangles and trigonometric functions Angles of Elevation Finding a Flagpole’s Height. Suppose that the height of a flagpole must be determined. The flagpole forms a right angle with level ground. Suppose the flagpole casts a shadow of 20 feet. See part (a) of the figure on the following page. The 20-foot shadow and the flagpole itself form two legs of a right triangle.

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