Design in civil architecture by Альберт Э. Ричардсон , Гектор О. Корфиато

By Альберт Э. Ричардсон , Гектор О. Корфиато

Иллюстрированное издание по фасадным решениям в гражданском строительстве. Полезно для инженеров-конструкторов, архитекторов и искусствоведов.
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8%. When we tested this, we found that it was very unlikely to falsely predict a positive, with such a case occurring around 1 in 100 times. We also derived a decision tree to predict whether two genotypes would produce images with similar structural properties. Recall that the genotype of particle-based images includes six init functions to initialise the placement and colour of the particles, and six update functions to dictate how the colour and position of the particles change at each time step.

Some nodal changes fell below the threshold of a Just Noticeable Difference (JND). JND is a concept A Local Search Interface for Interactive Evolutionary Architectural Design 27 from cognitive psychology that was first described by Ernst Heinrich Weber [24]. JND is the smallest difference between two stimuli that is still capable of being perceived. The lack of what the user perceived as new variations also hindered them in completing the task. 4. A comparison of the new and old user interfaces are available online [13].

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