Design and Rhetoric in a Sanskrit Court: The Kiratarjuniya by Indira Viswanathan Peterson

By Indira Viswanathan Peterson

"Explores the earliest literary remedy of Arjuna's conflict with the nice god Siva, offering an creation to the Sanskrit court docket epic."

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A (7th century) did for writers of prose. In a tradition that prizes the difficult as an artistic ideal, Bharavi ¯ is the poet’s poet. 6 Heroes, Kings, and Gods: The Epic Theme in Historical Context Bharavi ¯ was the first poet to write a court epic on an episode from the Mahabh ¯ arata. a’s two poems have Buddhist themes. Kalid ¯ asa’s ¯ Kumarasam ¯ bhava is an interpretation of the myth of the marriage . ´ ¯i, while, as its title indiand the goddess Parvat ¯ of the god Siva cates, the Raghuvam .

An underlying assumption of Mallinatha’s ¯ commentary, and of most commentaries on the court epics, is the expectation that a good mahak ¯ avya ¯ will treat all, or at least several, of the nine rasas. 68 The marvellous (adbhuta) sive treatment in the Kirat ¯ arjun ¯ mood, and the terrifying (bhayanaka), ¯ supplement the heroic rasa ´ in the descriptions of Arjuna’s appearance and his combat with Siva. ¯iya The Setting and Structure of the Kirat ¯ arjun ¯ 41 Figure 4 Combat between Arjuna and the hunter.

The apsaras and their lovers gather flowers in the woods. They bathe and play in the Ganges. Canto IX. Description of sunset, twilight, and the rising moon. The nymphs and their lovers drink wine and make love. Day breaks. Canto X. The apsaras reach Arjuna’s hermitage. Awed and attracted by his ascetic power, they fall in love with him, and try to seduce him with their own charms and the beauties of nature that they magically create. They fail in their efforts. Admitting defeat, the nymphs and gandharvas return to Indra.

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