Denizens of Dread by Jackie Cassada

By Jackie Cassada

The fell host is living inside, their secrets and techniques laid naked - either outdated favorites and new entries - all up to date to be totally suitable with the model 3.5 ideas of the d20 process. within the grand culture of the Monster guide and the Creature assortment sequence, Denizens of Dread provides an array of malign and malevolent creatures endemic to Ravenloft.

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As a result, the greatest enemy the drow empire faces is itself, and for the past several thousand years, the drow have balanced precariously on the edge of a devastating civil war. Only the constant threat of the enemies that surround them keep the Great Houses from declaring open war upon each other. Instead, they wage a war of politics and secret betrayals, of false alliances and complex machinations. Each House has something important to provide to drow society, and each House has pledged to defend the nation from their enemies without, yet this never-ending shadow war serves well to keep any one House from seizing enough control to dominate the 31 Pathfinder Chronicles: Into the Darklands others.

Driders are sexually dimorphic; the rarer female driders are sleek, with graceful spider bodies and attractive, slender torsos with beautiful faces and lithe arms. Male driders, though, are much bulkier and more hideous, with muscular torsos, squat spider bodies, and hideous visages that mar the graceful drow features with a noseless, manyeyed countenance dominated by jaws that open apart like immense pedipalps. In drow society, it is usually the male drider one sees serving as a guardian or mercenary—not only are female driders less common, they are much more difficult to control.

Some sages suspect that the Mobhad Leigh in northern Varisia provides a direct link from the surface world to Sekamina, for example. The caverns of Sekamina range from the foundation of Nar-Voth at 2,000 feet below the surface to depths of 8,000 feet. When Earthfall struck, the denizens of Sekamina felt the tremors but, by and large, escaped much in the way of actual devastation. Indeed, by the time of Earthfall, Sekamina’s original rulers had already been defeated. These were the serpentfolk, ancient enemies of Azlant.

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