D-modules, representation theory and quantum groups by Louis Boutet de Monvel, Corrado de Concini, Claudio Procesi,

By Louis Boutet de Monvel, Corrado de Concini, Claudio Procesi, Pierre Schapira, Michele Vergne, Giuseppe Zampieri, Andrea D'Agnolo

CONTENTS: L. Boutet de Monvel: Indice de systemes differentiels.- C. De Concini, C. Procesi: Quantum groups.- P. Schapira, J.P. Schneiders: Index theorems for R-constructible sheaves and for D-modules.- N. Berline, M. Vergne: The equivariant Chern personality and index of G-invariant operators.

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August 16, 2014 28 15:31 Mind and Reality— ... - 9in x 6in b1855-ch01 page28 Mind and Reality — The Space-Time Window mA mA xA , yA , z A xA , yA , z A A mB xB , yB , z B A mB xB , yB , z B B B space space Fig. 8 In this figure we go a step further and put two elementary bodies (body A and body B) into space; body B is characterized by a mass mB and a geometrical point with the coordinates xB , yB , zB and body A again by the mass mA and the coordinates xA , yA , zA . We would like to assume that there is no interaction between the two bodies with mA and mB .

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