Creatures of the Dreamseed (Engel Roleplaying Game) by Oliver Graute

By Oliver Graute

To stroll the size and breadth of post-apocalypse Europe to monitor and checklist the entire creatures of the Dreamseed. This magazine is Friar Domenico's file and sketches of his seven years of shuttle tendered to the NeoBaptist Pope in order that the church at its angelic orders may perhaps larger comprehend the creatures that plague the world.

Creatures of the Dreamseed is a sublime magazine written in personality and via a wide appendix that gives D20 data for all of the Dreamseed creatures.

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2190 to 2115 BC the Gutians over-ran a large portion of Mesopotamia and ruled some EARLY REPUBLICAN ROMAN ETRUSCAN LEAGUE UMBRIAN ALLIES ITALIAN HILL TRIBES LATIN SAMNITE CAMPANIAN APULIAN, LUCANIAN OR BRUTTIAN EARLY NOMAD EARLY HIGHLAND RAIDERS GASGAN STARTER ARMY (AFTER 170 0 BC) Commander-in-Chief Sub-commanders Chariots 1 2 1 BG Warriors 5 BGs Poor quality warriors 2 BGs Skirmishers 2 BGs Skirmishers 2 BGs Camp Total 1 12 BGs Troop Commander 2 x Troop Commander 4 bases of chariots: Superior, Undrilled Light Chariots – Bow Each comprising 8 bases of warriors: Average, Protected, Undrilled Medium Foot – Impact Foot, Swordsmen Each comprising 12 bases of poor quality warriors: Poor, Unprotected, Undrilled Medium Foot – Light Spear Each comprising 6 bases of skirmishers: Average, Unprotected, Undrilled Light Foot – Javelins, Light Spear Each comprising 6 bases of skirmishers: Average, Unprotected, Undrilled Light Foot – Sling Unfortified camp Camp, 4 mounted bases, 88 foot bases, 3 commanders BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS • An Early Highland Raider allied commander’s contingent must conform to the Early Highland Raider allies list below, but the troops in the contingent are deducted from the minima and maxima in the main list.

Others – Steppes, Desert. Sub-commanders EARLY REPUBLICAN ROMAN EARLY NOMAD LATER PRE-ISLAMIC BED OUIN C-in-C INTRODUCTION 0–8 APPENDIX 2 – THEMED TOURNAMENTS LOST SCROLLS AXUMITE effectively isolated and lost control of the lucrative Red Sea trade. Its gradual decline continued from then until the late 10th century. This list covers Axumite armies from 100 to 970 AD. It can be used in themed tournaments based on Field of Glory Companion 7: Decline and Fall. Axum emerged in the 1st century AD on the highland plateau of what is now Eritrea and Tigray.

Although there was a Vietnamese culture that dates back to the late third millennium BC, known to archaeologists as Phung-nguyen culture, it is not until the reign of the Chinese king Chuang of Zhou (696–682 BC) that there are true historical records of Vietnam. This period is known to archaeologists as the Dongson culture, which lasted through to the first century AD and was Vietnam’s Bronze Age. From at least the 4th century BC, Vietnam came under Chinese influence, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the situation within China itself, and at times was ruled by China or by regimes TROOP NOTES Vietnamese warriors were armed with a variety of weapons, with spears and “boot-shaped” axes 45 LATER PRE-ISLAMIC BEDOUIN AXUMITE BEJA, NILE VALLEY BLEMMYE OR EARLY NOBATAE TUAREG MEDIEVAL GERMAN CITY LEAGUES LATER MEDIEVAL FEUDAL GERMAN LATER MEDIEVAL FRISIAN OR DITHMARSCHEN APPENDIX 1 – USING THE LISTS APPENDIX 2 – THEMED TOURNAMENTS LOST SCROLLS being typical.

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