Coteries (Vampire: The Requiem) by White Wolf Publishing

By White Wolf Publishing

Unusual Bedfellows The Kindred are solitary predators, but whatever inside of compels them to search out others in their sort. even if shaped as a social faction, a cult of heretics, a consortium of conspirators or as an workout in protection in numbers, a coterie of Kindred is not any unusual factor to work out after sundown. How, then, do its participants reconcile their bestial urges with the calls for of nightly unlife? belief does not Come simply Coteries examines the "family unit" of Kindred society. damaged down by means of sect and extended family relatives, this publication sheds gentle on how teams of disparate vampires put aside their modifications (or nurse grudges) to guard themselves opposed to the antagonistic international within which they exist. occasionally, simply your fellow Kindred can safeguard you from the darkness, yet trusting them to take action is a deadly proposition in itself. Hardcover.

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A coterie wishing to avoid such conflicts would do well to create a cohesive group identity for itself to take the place of the sense of identification the members usually get from their respective covenants. It needs to have a philosophy of its own. That philosophy need not be as complex as those of the covenants, but at the very least, the coterie needs some unifying idea to act as a core around which to rally. “Know all secrets, because where there is mystery, there is power,” is one example.

Single-clan coteries suffer from certain problems more often than traditional coteries do, and those problems can hamstring the group in the long run if they’re not addressed early on and well. Wise Kindred take an inventory of their group’s strengths and weaknesses and work to turn the latter into the former. Embrace Strategically A wise sire Embraces a variety of mortals for his single-clan coterie to make up for the lack of diversity in the Blood. While he has little control over the Disciplines his brood masters, selecting mortals with a range of abilities yields a more viable coterie in the long run.

Clan Disciplines provide the most obvious example of this hazard. Members of a given clan share the ease with which they can learn their clan Disciplines, and they may choose to take advantage of that ease and specialize where it’s easiest. If every member of the coterie does so, however, the group as a whole will suffer for it. In the long term, single-clan coteries that intend to stay together experience a sort of radiation of competencies. That is, each member of the coterie stretches her abilities in a way that makes her more useful to the group.

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