Continuous Multivariate Distributions: Models and by Samuel Kotz, N. Balakrishnan, Norman L. Johnson(auth.),

By Samuel Kotz, N. Balakrishnan, Norman L. Johnson(auth.), Walter A. Shewhart, Samuel S. Wilks(eds.)

Content material:
Chapter forty four structures of continuing Multivariate Distributions (pages 1–103):
Chapter forty five Multivariate basic Distributions (pages 105–250):
Chapter forty six Bivariate and Trivariate general Distributions (pages 251–348):
Chapter forty seven Multivariate Exponential Distributions (pages 349–430):
Chapter forty eight Multivariate Gamma Distributions (pages 431–483):
Chapter forty nine Dirichlet and Inverted Dirichlet Distributions (pages 485–527):
Chapter 50 Multivariate Liouville Distributions (pages 529–550):
Chapter fifty one Multivariate Logistic Distributions (pages 551–576):
Chapter fifty two Multivariate Pareto Distributions (pages 577–619):
Chapter fifty three Bivariate and Multivariate severe price Distributions (pages 621–657):
Chapter fifty four traditional Exponential households (pages 659–696):

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2. If x E N,,(S,) then x $ S and so there exists y , such that { x ,y l } E M'. 13). Now there exists y , E S1such that {x, y 2 } E E(H). Let P be an even length alternating path from some s E S terminating at y,. If P contains { x , y l } we can truncate it to terminate with { x , y l } , otherwise we can extend it using edges { y 2 ,x } and { x ,yl}. 17 We can now prove that, excluding isolated vertices, if Gn,,,$ d then it as. has a perfect or near perfect matching. We use a coloring argument introduced by Fenner and Frieze [7].

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