Compendium of Quantum Physics: Concepts, Experiments, by Daniel Greenberger, Klaus Hentschel, Friedel Weinert

By Daniel Greenberger, Klaus Hentschel, Friedel Weinert

With contributions by means of top quantum physicists, philosophers and historians, this complete A-to-Z of quantum physics presents a lucid figuring out of key thoughts of quantum concept and scan. It covers technical and interpretational features alike, and contains either conventional and new ideas, making it an integral source for concise, updated information regarding the numerous points of quantum physics.

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Thomson’s “Plum Pudding” Model to be nothing but highly accelerated electrons, which Thomson thus interpreted as a mechanical instability of these electron configurations. A slight disturbance of the carefully balanced equilibrium position would result in electrostatic repulsion taking over and the expulsion of individual electrons or whole groups of electrons from the atom, where they would be experimentally observable as β-rays. Thomson also tried to explore the atomic structure by using corpuscles/electrons as projectiles in β-ray scattering experiments onto thin foils.

Briefly stated, it demonstrates that a whole class of theories about the physical world (“objective local theories”, see below) defined by the conjunction of three apparently plausible general principles, must yield experimental predictions which under certain conditions are inconsistent with the predictions of quantum mechanics. Over the last 35 years a series of experiments motivated by the theorem have shown that under the relevant conditions the experimental properties of the world are consistent with the predictions of quantum mechanics and thus, subject to certain caveats, inconsistent with those of the alternative class of theories, so that the latter must apparently be rejected.

However, they did not definitively rule out the class of OLT’s, because of a number of “loopholes” ( Loopholes in Experiments). , on the experimenter’s choice of which of two or more mutually incompatible measurements to perform). If the space-time interval between the “event” of the choice of measurement at station 1 and that of the outcome of the measurement at station 2 were spacelike, then violation of the postulate under the conditions of the experiment would imply, at least prima facie, a violation of the principles of special relativity, so that most physicists would have a great deal of confidence in the postulate.

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