Commentaries on Pindar: Olympian Odes 3, 7, 12, 14 by W. J. Verdenius

By W. J. Verdenius

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Notice that here the tt of tt 'tmv is certainly singular. 23-4. 4). 28a24 "one item of textual evidence [that this ecthetic proof employs singulars] ... 23-25 (see Smith (1982b), pp. 119-20). Now in the first place, a remark about e-conversion hardly shows that Philoponus saw that, much later, in the Darapti proof, Aristode must have meant the tt in tt 'tmv I: to stand for a singular. " 51 It would not be worth our while to formalize this argument any further: the proof obviously depends on this "perceptual" examination of the ectethen.

60 To justifY these proofs, however, in an absolutely rigorous fashion, we need (I) to add to {L2} the relevant negative clauses. ' We would also need (2) to justifY a special rule which would allow one to go from an e-proposition containing as subject a tied term (see above, note 37) to the corresponding a-proposition containing as subject the term to which the one term is tied. ' I discuss this move below. 7-16 respectively. 12: Et yap 'tip r ltUV'tt el; ECTHESIS 25 2 (5) yiB 4 a-conversion 2,3 (6) AoB 3,5 Feria 2 (7) AoB 1,3,6 EE There is an exceptional and important feature of these proofs of which we must now take note.

Therefore A will be predicated of some of B. But it was supposed that A is said of no B-and 'of none' meant that there is no B of which A is predicated. lll~EVt 'til> A. lEvq>, Kat ~Ei 'tO E'tEpov aU'tOOV UA1l9E~ dvat), (4) l)1tapXE'tCO 'til> r· (5) EO"'tCO yap wu'to 'tt 'tou A, (6) ~ i)1tapxet 'to B. cp Kat 'to Ka'ta 1taV'tO~. (11) aU" ~v 'tOr 'thou A. (12) EV OMp lipa Kahil> A 'tOr ecrdv. (13) d ~E EV oA

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