Clean and Safe Energy Forever by T. Horigome, K. Kimura, T. Takakura, T. Nishino and I. Fujii

By T. Horigome, K. Kimura, T. Takakura, T. Nishino and I. Fujii (Eds.)

Those complaints contain papers on all points of solar power. The 1989 convention had a unique emphasis on photovoltaics, reflecting jap services in that box. As in earlier meetings, the biggest type of papers involved sunlight thermal purposes. there has been additionally loads of curiosity within the very important matters raised touching on solar power and constructing nations. The keynote paper, on global Read more...

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After Hiroshima» that peace became more than ever required. For these reasons» I have always chanelled a lot of my work through UN Agencies. I was not to meet Dr Farrington Daniels until the Conference on Solar Energy in Arizona in November» 1955. I was then about 30 and scientifically unknown. Farrington 28 Daniels was at the top of the top table league» yet he found time to talk with me and other young people like me* encouragingly. He knew the young were important in the field of new ideas. Pioneers» who are heretics to the conventional ideas of their time» are liable to find themselves lonely within their own generation» who tend to lack the flexibility necessary to achieve the new understanding.

Turning now to external energy» Figure 1 shows the mean energy consumption per head in 1984 in countries at different income levels plotted against population in each income group. The low income data is certainly distorted downwards by the failure to take proper account of external biomass consumption in national statistics. 94 terawatts. kU/capi ta A. ^Β. C. D. LE. L Low i nconte . Lower middle income Upper middle income Industrial market econ. East European non market. World average consumption 2 Billions 3 4 population Figure 1 Energy consumption per capita in different income type regions in 1984 plotted against total population in each income type group.

W "Temper"·«·, t u r e , cd *=■ g . C Figure 3 The concentration of population per 3 degree C temperature interval plotted agaonst annual mean temperature. Data source McKay and Allsopp. (1930). THE SCIENTIFIC FUTURE I t seems likely that many clues to future progress on human solar energy applications may be found in nature. We» for example» are beginning to work on "smart windows" with controllable wave length dependent radiative properties» but "smart leaves" have been around for a long time» accepting the photochemically useful energy» rejecting by reflection and transmission much of the near infra red energy» useless for photosythesis» which» if absorbed» would create» through heating» a greater water demand to make the plant more vulnerable to water shortages» incorporating protection against damaging UV radiation» providing a light controlled steerable surface» simultaneously capable of collecting and redistributing rain water to the roots» and logically constructed from materials in their immediate environment.

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