Clanbook: Brujah (Vampire: The Masquerade Clanbooks) by Justin Achilli, Deird're Brooks

By Justin Achilli, Deird're Brooks

Clan ebook: Brujah, Revised takes one of many vintage Vampire sourcebooks and brings it right into a glossy context. All-new details accompanies revised fabric, inviting you so as to add as a lot intensity on your personality as you're keen on. The sheer quantity of knowledge inside the new extended family books (each with 32 extra pages than the first-edition books) allows Storytellers to around out their chronicles.

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More flexible leather is used for the leggings, gauntlets, and so forth. Some versions are sewn with metal rivets or studs. Cost: The item’s price in silver pieces. 40 Shield Bonus: If you are carrying a shield, you get the listed bonus to your Defense. This helps you avoid getting hit in the first place. You need proper training to get the most out of shields, however. If you do not have the Weapon and Shield Style talent, the maximum Defense bonus you receive from a shield is +1. In other words, you must have the talent to get any benefit from using a medium or heavy shield.

You also start as a novice in Armor Training. Level 2 New Ability Focus: You now gain one of the following ability focuses: Cunning (Military Lore), Dexterity (Riding), or Strength (Climbing). Level 3 New Talent: You become a novice in a new talent or gain a degree in a talent you already have. Level 4 New Weapon Group: You learn a new weapon group of your choice. Stunt Bonus: You can strike so fast in combat that your weapons are a blur. You can perform the Dual Strike stunt for 3 stunt points instead of the usual 4.

When you use the heal action, your ally gets back an amount of Health equal to double the Dragon Die + Cunning. 36 Novice: You can attempt to make a contact out of a NPC with a successful Communication (Persuasion) test. The GM will set the TN based on the likelihood of you knowing the NPC or having mutual friends. The more distant the NPC’s homeland or social class from yours, the more difficult the test will be. A contact will be friendly to you, but won’t go out of the way to help you without additional motivation.

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