Ciba Foundation Symposium - Bioassay of Anterior Pituitary

Chapter 1 standards for Clinically beneficial Endocrine Bioassays (pages 1–9): Albert Segaloff
Chapter 2 The Bioassay of Thyrotrophic Hormone within the Hypophysectomized Rat utilizing 32P (pages 10–19): M. L. Dedman, A. Stuart Mason, P. Morris and C. J. O. R. Morris
Chapter three Assay of Thyrotrophic Hormone by way of 131I Discharge (pages 20–24): I. C. Gilliland and Russell Fraser
Chapter four Chick Assay of Thyrotrophic Hormone utilizing 32P (pages 25–32): A. C. Crooke and Joyce D. Matthews
Chapter five results of Chorionic and Equine Gonadotrophins on Hypophysectomized Immature Rats (pages 33–43): R. Moricard
Chapter 6 Chromatography of Urinary Gonadotrophins (pages 44–51): W. R. Butt and A. C. Crooke
Chapter 7 difficulties within the scientific Use of Gonadotropins (pages 52–57): F. Moricard
Chapter eight scientific functions of the Assay of Pituitary and Placental Gonadotrophins (pages 58–73): J. A. Loraine
Chapter nine checks for Luteotrophin (pages 74–89): E. B. Astwood
Chapter 10 a few Observations on Prolactin Assays by means of the Pigeon Crop?Weight technique (pages 90–105): Pamela M. Clarke and S. J. Folley
Chapter eleven Assay of Urinary Prolactin job (pages 106–114): Albert Segaloff
Chapter 12 Bioassay of development Hormone (pages 115–123): C. H. Li
Chapter thirteen Assay of progress Hormone for Diabetogenic task (pages 124–132): E. Reid
Chapter 14 The motion of Pituitary arrangements at the Adrenal Cortex (pages 133–146): M. P. Stack?Dunne
Chapter 15 makes an attempt to Assay Acth with no Hypophysectomy (pages 147–152): G. A. H. Buttle and J. R. Hodges
Chapter sixteen The size of Acth job in Plasma (pages 153–161): C. H. grey and D. M. V. Parrott
Chapter 17 Eosinophils, Lymphocytes, and 17?Hydroxycorticosteroids as Indices of Adrenocortical task (pages 162–174): D. H. Nelson
Chapter 18 The impression of Adrenal Steroids Upon Muscle paintings (pages 175–185): Dwight J. Ingle
Chapter 19 Observations on Comparative organic Assays of Adrenal Cortical Steroids (pages 186–192): Marthe Vogt
Chapter 20 Assay of Gluco?Corticoids (pages 193–202): J. A. Nissim
Chapter 21 The Paper Chromatography of Steroids and its software to Assay difficulties (pages 203–215): I. E. Bush
Chapter 22 decision of 3?Ketosteroids as a degree of Adrenal Cortex functionality (pages 216–221): W. R. Butt and A. C. Crooke
Chapter 23 Chairman's final feedback (pages 222–224): J. H. Gaddum

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CIBA FOUNDATION COLLOQUIA ON ENDOCRINOLOGI G. E. W. WOLSTENHOLME Copyright 0 1953 Ciba Foundatior Part III--Gonadotrophins and Prolactin EFFECTS OF CHORIONIC AND EQUINE GONADOTROPHINS ON HYPOPHYSECTOMIZED IMMATURE RATS R . MORICARD THE standardization of gonadotrophins sets a difficult technical problem. We have investigated here the effects induced by chorionic and equine gonadotrophins on immature female hypophysectomized rats. At the third conference on hormone standardization which took place a t Geneva in 1938 under the auspices of the Hygiene Organization of the League of Nations, Evans (1939) was the only one to suggest the use of the immature hypophysectomized female rat.

This mechanism soon reaches its maximum response. Further uptake becomes apparent with larger doses of TSH when the dosage is so spaced that the gland has time to increase its cell height. This hypothesis 16 DEDMAN, MASON, MORRISAND MORRIS s supported by data obtained from rats given TSH on the ninth day after hypophysectomy. In the control groups and those given small doses of TSH in four injections there is no correlation between szPuptake and weight of thyroid. With higher doses of TSH the correlation between uptake and weight is significant.

By passing a fixed source of radioactivity through the radiosensitive zone it can be shown that there is a zone of maximum radiosensitivity about 2 cm. wide over which the rate of count is a t its highest and does not alter appreciably. The rate of count outside the radioactive zone is not more than 10 per cent of the rate of count inside the zone. Thus the apparatus substantially measures the radioactivity of the thyroid gland. Excised thyroids gave approximately 104-106 per cent of the count observed in vivo.

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