Ciba Foundation Symposium 8 - Physiology, Emotion and

Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–2): Sir Denis Hill
Chapter 2 thoughts of Emotion (pages 3–13): R. A. Hinde
Chapter three feelings and body structure: An creation (pages 15–29): John C. Nemiah
Chapter four The position of impacts in Psychoanalytic thought (pages 31–56): Joseph Sandler
Chapter five Conservation?Withdrawal: a first-rate Regulatory approach for Organismic Homeostasis (pages 57–85): George L. Engel and Arthur H. Schmale
Chapter 6 The constitution of the feelings and the Limbic procedure (pages 87–130): Jeffrey A. Gray
Chapter 7 keep an eye on of Emotional Behaviour throughout the Hypothalamus and Amygdaloid advanced (pages 131–161): E. Fonberg
Chapter eight nervousness: A Behavioural Legacy (pages 163–174): Benson E. Ginsburg
Chapter nine Physiological and Behavioural methods in Early Maternal Deprivation (pages 175–200): Myron A. Hofer
Chapter 10 Emotion and the Cardiovascular method within the Cat (pages 201–223): Alberto Zanchetti, Giorgio Baccelli, Giuseppe Mancia and Gaylord D. Ellison
Chapter eleven adjustments in Catecholamine?Controkng Enzymes according to Psychosocial Activation of the Defence and Alarm Reactions (pages 225–251): J. P. Henry, D. L. Ely and P. M. Stephens
Chapter 12 effect of mental Variables on Stress?Induced Pathology (pages 253–279): Jay M. Weiss
Chapter thirteen Expectancy and the Pituitary — Adrenal method (pages 281–296): Seymour Levine, Larry Goldman and Gary D. Coover
Chapter 14 Psychophysiological study and Psychosomatic medication (pages 297–320): Malcolm Lader
Chapter 15 feelings and middle illnesses (pages 321–336): Gosta Tibblin, Bodil Lindstrom and Suzanne Ander
Chapter sixteen Emotional Disturbances ahead of and After Subarachnoid Haemorrhage (pages 337–347): Peter Storey
Chapter 17 Metabolic and Behavioural Correlates of weight problems (pages 349–374): Joel Grinker and Jules Hirsch
Chapter 18 The therapy of Psychopathology in Bronchial Asthmatics (pages 375–399): R. C. B. Aitken, A. okay. Zealley and C. G. Barrow
Chapter 19 Summing?Up (pages 401–408): Sir Denis Hill

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Med. Psychol. , DARE,C. & HOLDER,A. (1972a) Frames of reference in psychoanalytic psychology: 11. The historical context and phases in the development of psychoanalysis. Br. J. Med. Psychol. , DARE, C. & HOLDER,A. (19726) Frames of reference in psychoanalytic psychology: 111. A note on the basic assumptions. Br. J. Med. Psychol. 45, 143-147 SANDLER, J. & JOFFE,W. G . (1968): Psychoanalytic psychology and learning theory. In The Role of Learning in Psychotherapy (Ciba Found. ), pp. 274-287, Churchill, London SANDLER, J.

While this is usually referred to as the pleasure principle (or ‘pleasureunpleasure principle’), it is clear that this ‘principle’ has a number of different aspects to it. One of these refers to needs, drives and the bodily changes associated with these, and this aspect of the ‘pleasure principle’ is connected with the regulation of bodily homeostasis, particularly in relation to disturbances brought about by instinctual drives. However, there is another aspect, relevant to the present discussion (Sandler & Joffe 1969): “In the realm of experience we have the aspect of changes in feeling-state which accompany states of drive tension and discharge, changes which can THE ROLE OF AFFECTS IN PSYCHOANALYTIC THEORY 41 be broadly subsumed under the headings of pleasure and unpleasure.

There is no record of her clinical course thereafter. Gray: I was under the impression that the incidence of hysteria of this particular kind has declined considerably, in England and America at any rate, in the last 50 years. If this is correct, does it indicate anything about the disease, if one can call it that, or about the nature of psychiatric diagnosis over that period? Would one see this kind of case commonly, or at all, today? Suchar: It depends very much on the social and cultural milieu.

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