Chemistry and Characterization of Coal Macerals by Randall E.; Crelling, John C. Winans

By Randall E.; Crelling, John C. Winans

content material: Chemistry and characterization of coal macerals : evaluate / Randall E. Winans and John C. Crelling --
Premaceral contents of peats correlated with proximate and supreme analyses / A.D. Cohen and M.J. Andrejko --
Characterization of coal macerals via fluorescence microscopy / John C. Crelling and David F. Bensley --
Microscopic IR spectroscopy of coals / Douglas Brenner --
adaptations in homes of coal macerals elucidated via density gradient separation / Gary R. Dyrkacz, C.A.A. Bloomquist, L. Ruscic, and E. Philip Horwitz --
Structural adaptations in coal macerals : software of two-dimensional and dipolar dephasing ¹³C-NMR ideas / Ronald J. Pugmire, Warner R. Woolfenden, Charles L. Mayne, Jirina Karas, and David M. furnish --
Relationships among the natural constitution of vitrinite and chosen parameters of coalification as indicated via Fourier rework IR spectra / Deborah W. Kuehn, Alan Davis, and Paul C. Painter --
Electron spin resonance of remoted coal macerals : initial survey / B.G. Silbernagel, L.A. Gebhard, Gary R. Dyrkacz, and C.A.A. Bloomquist --
Reactivity and characterization of coal macerals / Randall E. Winans, Ryoichi Hayatsu, Robert G. Scott, and Robert L. McBeth --
facets of the hydrogen atom move reactions of macerals / Chol-Yoo Choi and Leon M. Stock.

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GEORGIA Figure 1b. R e l a t i v e abundances of p l a n t organs i d e n t i f i e d from microtome s e c t i o n s of peats from the same samples as i n Figure 1a. 2. ch002 Ο 2 80- 70 60- 50 40 < 5 30 20 10 0 MINN GEORGIA F i g u r e 2. C o l o r o f a l l i n g r e d i e n t s i n t h e f o u r p e a t t y p e s as d e t e r m i n e d by a r e a p o i n t c o u n t s o f m i c r o t o m e s e c t i o n s . ch002 STATION 41 Prairie Transect STATION 6 V'V 0 j 65 ι ι ι ιII I I II I I I I I I I I 50 75 100 25 BIREFRINGENCE (%) [/7TJ| ι ι ι ι I ι ι ι ι I I I ι ι I I II 25 50 75 100 BIREFRINGENCE (%) PEAT TYPES TAXODIUM Η NYMPHAEA [gjg TRANSITIONAL Figure 3 .

6) c o a l seam. 65%. Fluorescence 3. CRELLING AND BENSLEY Microscopy 41 Table I I . S p e c t r a l Parameter of the Average S p e c t r a l of Maceral V a r i e t i e s i n the H e r r i n No. 6 Coal Seam ( S a l i n e Co. 99 groups could be separated on the b a s i s of t h e i r s p e c t r a l parameters. I t was found that seven groups could be d i s t i n g u i s h e d . The b a s i c pétrographie data f o r the B r a z i l Block c o a l seam are given i n Table I and the average s p e c t r a l parameters f o r each maceral group are given i n Table I I I .

These studies have shown the p o t e n t i a l of using fluorescence measurements i n the study of l i p t i n i t e and v i t r i n i t e macérais. The o v e r a l l o b j e c t i v e of current fluorescence s t u d i e s at Southern I l l i n o i s U n i v e r s i t y at Carbondale i s to determine the kinds and r e l a t i v e amounts of f l u o r e s c e n t macérais i n various coals and to c l a s s i f y and d i s c r i m i n t e them on the b a s i s of t h e i r fluorescence s p e c t r a .

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