Celtic Age: Role-Playing the Myths, Heroes & Monsters of the by John R. Phythyon, Ree Soesbee, Visit Amazon's Mike Bennighof

By John R. Phythyon, Ree Soesbee, Visit Amazon's Mike Bennighof Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Mike Bennighof,

On the time of Christ, a mythical tradition used to be at the upward push in northern Europe. millenia later they'd be remembered for his or her reverence of nature, their remedy of ladies, and their braveness in conflict. Had they been allowed to extend and develop, they could have had their very own Golden Age, and Western tradition may be very varied this day. as an alternative, they met the Romans, who finally conquered all of them. This extraordinary humans was once the Celts, and this is often their tale.

This quantity explores their tradition. discover who they have been, what they held holy, the monsters they fought - either actual and legendary - why they battled one another, and what gave them pleasure. as well as delivering lots of exact fabric at the Celts, this e-book enables you to carry them into your d20 crusade. a bunch of latest personality periods, Feats, abilities, and different distinctive new ideas, makes this the definitive booklet on delusion role-playing within the Celtic Age.

Origins Award Winner - most sensible Role-Playing video game complement 2002!

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It is rarely found in nuggets and difficult to smelt without modern technology. A party of adventurers is about as likely to come across a stash of platinum coins as it is one of refined uranium. Electrum is an alloy of gold and silver, and this is the state in which most gold is found. It is very rarely left in this form for decorative work and is almost always refined into its component metals. No sane metalsmith purposely combines refined gold with refined silver. Silver is not popular among the Celts.

This is a permanent bond; a clan does not have the option of transferring its allegiance to another tribe. The chief is typically the greatest warrior of the tribe, or the sub-chief most noted for wisdom. When a chief dies or is forced into retirement, he is often but not necessarily followed by one of his sons. Some bypass the clan system, becoming direct clients of a chieftain. ) or warriors seeking to attach themselves to an accomplished battlefield leader. There is usually no penalty for leaving a patron’s entourage: if he or she wants to keep a herd of followers, then they should do a better job providing for them.

They are drinking wine and not merely ale. For it does no good to spend on luxury if no one sees you do it. Celtic craftsmen make fine clothing and weapons, and the elite enjoy these. But to truly show off their wealth and power, they need luxury goods from lands far away. Luxury goods of obvious foreign origin are greatly desired, and important to maintain status. There is little difference between buying such goods and taking them as loot in wartime; the result in increased status is the same.

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