Buddhism in Thailand II by Karuna Kusalasaya

By Karuna Kusalasaya

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Or, quietly they are at war within, guarding against unwanted thoughts that are attempting to yield insight. Coming to peace within ourselves and with those we love is a spiritual task. It begins with self-acceptance. Lessons of the Labyrinth 23 Spaciousness Allows Responsiveness When a spiritual practice begins to work, you develop a sense of spaciousness within, a quiet, calm place. A gentle, wise voice of guidance begins to take root that allows you to choose the best ways to respond to life’s challenges.

If you were walking the labyrinth and the walk ended, you may want to walk it again, or walk the lunations. Then, in a journal, jot down the thoughts or images that occurred to you during your walk. Encountering Exhaustion I have seen people enter the labyrinth feeling energized and then experience a profound sense of exhaustion during the walk. This does not happen often, but it happens frequently enough that I want to draw your attention to it. If this happens to you, I suggest staying with the walk, difficult though that may be.

These are unique to this labyrinth. Left-handed or right-handed labyrinth: The first turn determines whether it is a left-handed or right-handed labyrinth. In a left-handed labyrinth, the first turn goes to the left. In a right-handed labyrinth, the first turn goes to the right. The Medieval Eleven-Circuit Labyrinth is always a lefthanded labyrinth. The Classical Seven-Circuit Labyrinth can be either left- or right-handed. 32 The Sacred Path Companion Field: The space between the borders of the path.

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