Boxers (Eye to Eye With Dogs) by Lynn M. Stone

By Lynn M. Stone

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Filigree work in metal D. 2 Describe the differences or similarities between the visual elements and compositional principles in two or more works of art. 2 Among the following pairs of descriptive words, the pair that may BEST be used to describe a comparison of MOSES by Michelangelo and the Egyptian statue of PHAROAH Ramses II is A. spiral versus frontal B. open versus closed C. delicate versus ornate D. 3 Identify works of art that are similar or different in form, style, content, and subject matter.

Riparian B. New African C. Chinese D. American Indian Rationale B VISUAL ARTS SAMPLE TEST 27 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE Competency 18 Knowledge of major artists and their works. 1 Identify the scopes and styles of the major schools, movements, and cultural influences of art. 1 a Roman buildings followed the Greek style in A. architectural details and use of the portico B. stressing the importance of the interior C. the use of circular form D. 1 b The aim of the Romantic Movement was A. spontaneity B.

While being worked is A. gelatin B. pitch C. epoxy-cement D. 4 A contemporary phase of painting sweeping America, satirizing the Cult of the Commonplace, is called A. abstract expressionism B. collage C. pop art D. 5 Identify non-aesthetic factors that may affect judgment. 5 Evaluation of a work of art should NOT include A. consideration of subject matter B. cost C. materials used D. 1 Individual styles which have established costume trends include all of the following EXCEPT A. extravagant elaborate hats – Hedda Hopper B.

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