Book of Spirits (World of Darkness) by Ethan Skemp

By Ethan Skemp

A Settings ebook meant to be used In all of the Wod Product traces. hugely expected.

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Panic is a much more realistic reaction — panicked obedience or panicked flight. Lost Souls “You won’t believe me if I say what’s wrong with me. No one ever believes me. Lemme ask you three questions, and if you’ve got answers to all of ’em, I’ll talk. First, if you die and there’s no Heaven or Hell to go to, does that mean you just go bang! Out of existence? Second, if ghosts aren’t real, why’s there so much evidence that they do, huh? Third, why do all these religions and cultures and stuff, even if they don’t have, like, eternal reward and eternal damnation, why do they mention an afterlife of some kind?

In the Astral world dwelled the soul, separated from both flesh and thought. Soon, as John fell deeper into this amalgamated theory he began to fill hundreds of pages of notebooks with calculations as he tried to map the Four Worlds. In his apartment after work each day, John Bedford was trying to map the universe itself. He was no genius and many of his calculations were flawed, but he worked on the project for almost 10 years, neglecting friends, family and employment as he worked. In 1995 he released The Tablet of Universal Hermetic Theory as Applied to a Map of Existence.

They believe that their leader was partially successful, entering the Astral world as just soul matter but at the cost of his physical, mental and spiritual self. Soulless, the rest of John Bedford just lies in bed with no anima at all. That brings them to the obvious question: what is out there that prevents John’s soul from coming back to his body? The Blind Leading the Blind The Coalition’s map of the universe through equations deals with many concepts that are out of the realms of this book’s coverage.

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