Biopsicologia - 4ta Edicion by John P. J. Pinel

By John P. J. Pinel

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5 shows an example of interactions between three key types of described photosynthetic membrane compounds, lipid, chlorophyll and xanthophyll. All three molecules interact mainly via van der Waals forces, bringing their hydrocarbon tails in close almost orbital contact. Whilst the carotenoid structure is in all-trans configuration rigidly spanning the hydrophobic environment, chlorophyll and in particular lipid residues are more freely bend embracing each other in less linear fashion. As it will be seen later, all three are accommodated by a most crucial component of the photosynthetic membrane, a membrane protein.

The disadvantage is that their separation is not absolute. Grana fragments, in particular, were found to be contaminated with photosystem I. 2 Isolation of Membrane Protein Complexes In order to get better purification of photosystem II without compromising its functions, in particular oxygen evolution Berthold, Babcock and Yocum (1981) developed widely used procedure of preparation of so-called BBY particles. The procedure is based on isolation of thylakoids, their incubation in the stacking medium to ensure maximum grana stacking followed by treatment with non-ionic detergent Triton X100 on ice and subsequent cycles of washing and centrifugation at ~30 000 g.

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