Biophysics of Electron Transfer and Molecular Bioelectronics by Claudio Nicolini (auth.), Claudio Nicolini (eds.)

By Claudio Nicolini (auth.), Claudio Nicolini (eds.)

This complete consultant to the biophysics of metalloproteins and the mechanisms of cost move via platforms related to them, goals to stipulate a precis of clinical effects acquired by means of the world-wide learn lately. the quantity seems at a time of vital development in the box, while applied sciences derived from it are granted significant acceptance for his or her function within the improvement of biotechnology, electronics and fabric sciences.

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Also, there may be non-steroid substrates of P450scc. One example is methoxychlor, a known organochlorine insecticide. However, it is not a regular substrate. It is processed by P450scc, but P450scc becomes non-functional after processing the first molecule of methoxychlor it encounters. This class of substances termed "suicide substrates". There is a P450 for which methoxychlor is a regular substrate, This enzyme is Cytochrome P450 IIIA1(Stresser and Kupfer, 1997). To conclude, the available experimental data and theoretical approaches allow to predict effect of mutations on substrate binding, For P450scc, however, the range of new substrates to search for is limited to steroids because the experimental data necessary to calibrate theoretical calculations are mostly available for only that class of substances.

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