Biological physics by Philip Nelson

By Philip Nelson

The 1st textual content of its variety, organic PHysics synthesizes info from the constructing box of organic physics. The textual content makes a speciality of new ends up in molecular automobiles, self-assembly and single-molecule manipulation,integrating those subject matters with classical effects. The textual content additionally offers foundational fabric from the rising box of nanotechnology. equipped round a self-contained center, the textual content is aimed toward undergraduate scholars who've taken three hundred and sixty five days of calculus-based physics. also, there are "Track-2" sections that include extra complex fabric for senior physics majors and graduate scholars.

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Similarly, there are roughly Nmole oxygen molecules, O2 , in 32 g of oxygen, since each oxygen atom’s mass is about 16 times as great as a hydrogen atom’s, and each molecule consists of two of them. 4 Any collection of Nmole molecules is called a mole of that type of molecule. In our formulas the word “mole” will simply be a synonym for the number Nmole , just as the word “million” can be thought of as a synonym for the dimensionless number 106 . 5 Let’s see what we can deduce from this observation.

A) Single carbon atom. (b) Glucose, a simple sugar molecule. (c) ATP, a nucleotide. (d) Chlorophyll molecule. ” (f) An antibody, a protein used by the immune system. (g) The ribosome, a large protein machine. (h) The virus responsible for polio. (i) Myosin, a molecular machine discussed in Chapter 10. (j) DNA, a nucleic acid. Chapter 9 will discuss the mechanical properties of long molecules like this one. (k) F-actin, a cytoskeletal element. (l) Ten enzymes (protein machines) involved in glycolysis, a series of coupled chemical reactions that produce ATP, the energy currency molecule, from glucose.

5. 1 Dorm-room-dynamics a. An air conditioner cools down your room, removing thermal energy. And yet it consumes electrical energy. Is there a contradiction with the First Law? b. Could you design a high-tech device that sits in your window, continuously converting the unwanted thermal energy in your room to electricity, which you then sell to the power company? Explain. 2 Thompson’s experiment Long ago people did not use SI units. a. 5 hours. Supposing that “cold” water is at 20 ◦ C, find the power input into the system by his horses, in watts.

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