Biodiversity and Ecophysiology of Yeasts by Marc-André Lachance (auth.), Dr. Gábor Péter, Professor

By Marc-André Lachance (auth.), Dr. Gábor Péter, Professor Carlos Rosa (eds.)

In the previous few a long time an increasing number of yeast habitats that weren't investigated prior, spanning chilly climates to tropical areas and dry deserts to rainforests, were explored. hence, a wide physique of ecological info has been collected and the variety of identified yeast species has elevated quickly. This booklet offers an outline of the biodiversity of yeasts in numerous habitats. the hot advances completed via the appliance of molecular organic tools within the box of yeast taxonomy and ecology also are integrated within the e-book. anyplace attainable, the interplay among yeasts and the encircling atmosphere is discussed.

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Of cultures 10/8,540, 161/248,845 161/487,405 114/319,179 43/88,206 489/1,152,175 ZIM BCCM/ MUCL ATCC LCC VKM NBRC (former IFO) NCYC CECT JCM CCY BCCM/ IHEM AMFC DBVPG UWO-PS 1,740 >2,000 2,000 USA Canada Slovenia 2,200 2,300 3,100 2,500 2,400 Belgium Russia UK Spain Japan >3,150 3,500 Australia Japan 3,800 3,500 4,500 >5,000 6,600 6,000 14,500 No. gov Internet address • National Collection of Yeast Cultures Coleccion Espanola de Cultivos Tipo Japan Collection of Microorganisms, Bioresource Center All-Russian Collection of Microorganisms Mycotheque de l’Universite catholique de Louvain American Type Culture Collection Labatt Culture Collection, Technology Development Culture Collection of Industrial Microorganisms National Center For Agricultural Utilization Research Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures University of California Davis, Herman J.

Albicans Y. lipolytica Fig. 1. Schematic phylogenetic relationships of the genome-sequenced yeasts. (Taken from Wolfe 2004) evolved (published works are largely based on the studies of homeotic genes), and the contributions of these regulatory changes in the evolution of phenotype (Wray 2003). Such studies can now be undertaken with yeasts, based this time on complete genome sequence, in order to understand what could be called “Evo-Adapt” mechanisms. There are several recent reviews which deal with yeast genome evolution (Herrero et al.

In: Vega FE, Blackwell M (eds) Insect-fungal associations: ecology and evolution. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp 244–256 Suh SO, McHugh JV, Blackwell M (2004) Expansion of the Candida tanzawaensis clade: 16 new Candida species from basidiocarp-feeding beetles. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 54:2409–2429 Tan CS (1997) Preservation of fungi. Cryptogamie Mycol 18:157–163 Tan CS, van Ingen CW (2004) Preservation of fungi and yeasts. In: Fuller BJ, Lane N, Benson E (eds) Life in the frozen state. CRC, Boca Raton, pp 277–299 Tan CS, Stalpers JA, van Ingen CW (1991) Freeze drying of fungal hyphae.

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