Best of Ruby Quiz (Pragmatic Programmers) by James Edward, II Gray

By James Edward, II Gray

Remedy those twenty-five renowned programming puzzles, and sharpen your programming abilities as you craft strategies. you can find fascinating and hard programming puzzles together with: 800 Numbers Crosswords Cryptograms Knight's journey Paper, Rock, Scissors Tic-Tac-Toe Texas Hold-Em ...and extra. studying to application could be very a problem. sessions and books can get you to this point, yet sooner or later you need to take a seat and begin twiddling with a few code. in basic terms via examining and writing genuine code, with actual difficulties, are you able to study. The Ruby Quiz used to be outfitted to fill precisely this want for Ruby programmers. demanding situations, suggestions, and discussions mix to make Ruby Quiz a robust option to examine Ruby methods. See how algorithms translate to Ruby code, get publicity to Ruby's libraries, and learn the way different programmers use Ruby to resolve difficulties fast and successfully.

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Best object-oriented design books

Pro Active Record: Databases with Ruby and Rails

Professional lively list is helping you're taking good thing about the total energy of your database engine from inside of your Ruby courses and Rails purposes. ActiveRecord, a part of the magic that makes the Rails framework so strong and straightforward to exploit, is the version portion of Rails model/view/controller framework. Its an object-relational mapping library permitting you to have interaction with databases from either Ruby and Rails functions.

Liferay 6.2 User Interface Development

Liferay employs a really expert theming method as a way to swap the appear and feel of the consumer interfaces. Liferay Portal offers format templates as a way to describe how numerous columns and rows are prepared to exhibit portlets. It additionally presents issues that may be used to customise the final feel and appear of websites and websites.

Control flow semantics

Keep an eye on circulation Semantics offers a unified, formal remedy of the semantics of a large spectrum of keep an eye on move notions as present in sequential, concurrent, common sense, object-oriented, and useful programming languages. while in additional conventional methods one makes a speciality of input/output habit, during this paintings equivalent cognizance is dedicated to finite and endless computations, the latter stimulated by way of the growing to be significance of reactive structures.

Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook

Apache Camel is a de-facto usual for constructing integrations in Java, and relies on well-understood firm Integration styles. it truly is used inside of many advertisement and open resource integration items. Camel makes universal integration projects effortless whereas nonetheless supplying the developer with the capability to customise the framework while the placement calls for it.

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