Beowulf: A Verse Translation (Penguin Classics) by Michael Alexander, Anonymous

By Michael Alexander, Anonymous

Beowulf stands on the head of English literature; a poem of historic curiosity and epic scope. even if the 1st manuscript of Beowulf dates from round the yr one thousand CE, it truly is inspiration that the poem existed in its current shape from the 12 months 850. Beowulf's adventures themselves stand in entrance of the large historic canvas of fifth and sixth century Scandinavia. in contrast heroic historical past of feuding and feasting, Beowulf first kills the monster Grendel and her mom, and later defends his humans opposed to a dragon in a conflict that leaves them either mortally wounded. 

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But at the last moment, when that wild stranger inside him had surged forward intent on the kill, he had seen the same fear and knowledge in the guard’s eyes that had been in the eyes of the Queen just before her blood had covered his hands . . and he had yanked that savagery back. His attack had stunned the guard long enough for him to escape from the pen, but the man had recovered too quickly, had been able to sound the alarm too soon. There would be no other chance. Not after last night. I’m sorry, Mother.

He’d been permitted to stay up when some of his father’s friends had come to the house for their weekly chess games and male conversation. The evening had grown late and he’d been dozing on the couch when his father, who had a strong interest in Hayll’s history, especially where it pertained to the Blood, had gently voiced his concern about some of the changes that had taken place in their society over the past few centuries. Olvan had made no accusations, had named no names, had merely pointed out some differences in the way males who didn’t serve in a court were treated.

Tomorrow, Raej’s autumn slave auction would begin. The witches who came to this island to buy and sell would be on the auction grounds accompanied by hired guards, and the guards watching the pens would be too edgy, too quick to react to anything a slave did. So tonight he would find a way to get close enough to the official landing place outside the fairgrounds and catch one of the Winds, those webs of psychic roadways that allowed the Blood to travel through the Darkness. He would catch one and ride it all the way back to Ranon’s Wood.

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