Beginning C : from novice to professional by Ivor Horton

By Ivor Horton

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Floating-point numbers hold values that are written with a decimal point, so you can represent fractional as well as integral values. 899 Because of the way floating-point numbers are represented, they hold only a fixed number of decimal digits; however, they can represent a very wide range of values—much wider than integer types. Floating-point numbers are often expressed as a decimal value multiplied by some power of 10. For example, each of the previous examples of floating-point numbers could be expressed as shown in Table 2-5.

Of course, you might as well write it as two statements. Note that the declarations appear at the beginning of the executable code for the function. You should put all the declarations for variables that you intend to use at the beginning. The next two statements assign the same value, 7, to each of the variables: brothers = 7; brides = 7; /* Store 7 in the variable brothers /* Store 7 in the variable brides */ */ Note that the statements that declared these variables precede these statements. If one or other of the declarations were missing or appeared later in the code, the program wouldn’t compile.

Consequently, not only do you have variables of different types in C that store different types of numbers, one of which happens to be integers, you also have several varieties of integer variables to provide for different ranges of integers to be stored. As I describe each type of variable in the following sections, I include a table containing the range of values that can be stored and the memory the variable will occupy. I summarize all these in a complete table of all the variable types in the “Summary” section of this chapter.

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