Avenger: Blades of the Moonsea, Book III (Blades of Moonsea) by Richard Baker

By Richard Baker

The 1st 4th version nation-states Series!

Geran violates his exile to stalk the streets of his former domestic, weeding out the person who damage his kinfolk and rallying the oppressed humans of Hulburg. yet Geran’s enemies are as quite a few because the legislation he breaks looking revenge, and every and each certainly one of them is decided to work out him dead.

Blades of the Moonsea is the 1st sequence written completely within the new version of the Forgotten Realms® crusade atmosphere, penned by way of one in every of its basic creators. Award-winning clothier and New York Times best-selling writer Richard Baker’s Avenger is going to a spot and time no Forgotten Realms sequence has long past sooner than.

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I mean to do what needs doing. Marstel, his wizard, the Verunas, the Chainsmen, the Cinderfists … they’ll not stop until every decent person in Hulburg is coinless or enslaved. The Hulmasters haven’t forgotten us, but this isn’t their fight alone—it’s ours too. ” “That’s a dangerous pastime,” Burkel said. “You’re already under suspicion because of your friendship with Geran. And even if you’re not concerned for yourself, you know that if you—and any others of like mind—strike back at the conniving sellswords and thieves who are running things these days, the first thing they’ll do is knock us all to the ground and put a foot on our necks.

Behind him stood Kara Hulmaster in her mailed coat, her saber dripping blood from its point. Her spellscarred eyes blazed with azure light, and a snarl of rage twisted her face. ” she snarled. ” She leaped into the fray, driving against the two remaining swordsmen, who turned to meet her. Kara was almost as skilled with the sword as Geran, and two more Shieldsworn followed close behind her. Geran took advantage of the sudden distraction Kara caused to duck beneath the slashing claws of the bearded devil and throw himself into the back of one of her opponents, driving the man into the wall.

She flailed for balance before toppling over the edge to the hard flagstones twenty feet below. Geran caught himself an instant before following her over the side. He found himself standing at the broken rail, glaring down at the cleric crumpled on the floor beneath him, her holy symbol caught in his fingers. He’d seen the silver skull design before. “Cyric,” he spat. The god of lies and strife had a following among the foreign gangs infesting Hulburg. In fact, it was probably Valdarsel himself who’d sent the cleric and her infernal servants against Harmach Grigor.

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