Autosegmental studies in Bantu tone by George N Clements; John A Goldsmith

By George N Clements; John A Goldsmith

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Ba swiilil a u ® 1* E ndi *a ba lang a ndi a ba tobel a ndi a ba yandaul a * F u * u * u β a β a β a * ba lang a ba tobel a ba yandaul a Of the twelve triplets of forms in (45), the six boxed sets represent anomalies when compared to the apparently well-behaved forms of (41)-(42). We shall see that each anomaly allows of a simple resolution. Let us review what is puzzling in these cases. In (A), the accent on the stem is absent, as expected, but an accent appears on the following syllable. This, in fact, is the key to all of the anomalous forms.

Ka mu pe a ιl *' // *' H L H L * * ka mu tya L H L ka mwa a tya * L H * ka mwa a tya V L H * ka mu pa ka mu pa \/ Λ * /* L H L * L H v H 42 John Goldsmith , . * ,. * * , * .. * d. ka mu ndi pe a -> ka mu ndi pa lI l * l v* ι \y * H L L * * H L* e. ka mu tu pe a -> ka mu / 1* ^i* * \/ * H L H L L l ι* / H *L tu pa 1 IX L-' * H L -*· * * ka mu tu pa ^* \/ V/ L H The first change in (61) involves initial High deletion and syllable merger, while the second involves a tonal simplification of non-initial Falling to High, as in (62), also seen in (58).

Hyman and Ernest Rugwa Byarushengo partake in the same kinds of assimilation and simplification processes that segmental features undergo. In many Bantu languages, however, H tones are severely restricted in distribution. In addition, the tone rule universals proposed by Hyman (1973) and Hyman and Schuh (1974) based on West African languages are sometimes violated by Eastern Bantu tone systems. Finally, the kind of interaction found between tone and scope of focus in many Bantu languages is more typical of stress-accent systems than of the kind of tone system found in West Africa.

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