Art of True Healing by Israel Regardie, Marc Allen

By Israel Regardie, Marc Allen

Centering round crucial meditation workout known as the center Pillar, during which it is easy to stimulate physique, brain, and spirit all jointly, The paintings of precise therapeutic teaches readers to concentration power in a number of methods for bettering their future health, luck, and talent to aid others.

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When the Master reminded him of his college studies, the disciple said, 'I would feel relieved if I could swallow a drug and forget all I have learnt' He spent night after night in meditation under the tress in the Panchavati at Dakshineswar, where Sri Ramakrishna, during the days of his spiritual discipline, had contemplated God. He felt the awakening of the Kundalini (The spiritual energy, usually dormant in man, but aroused by the practice of spiritual disciplines. ) and had other spiritual visions.

After some time, as he began to regain his normal mood, he could feel only his head and not the rest of his body. ' Gopal answered: 'Why, Naren, it is there. ' Gopal was afraid that Narendra was dying, and ran to Sri Ramakrishna's room. He found the Master in a calm but serious mood, evidently aware of what had happened in the room downstairs. ' For some time Narendra remained unconscious. When he regained his normal state of mind he was bathed in an ineffable peace. As he entered Sri Ramakrishna's room the latter said: 'Now the Mother has shown you everything.

The library contained about a hundred books. But Narendra did not want the brother disciples to be pain-hugging, crossgrained ascetics. They should broaden their outlook by assimilating the thoughtcurrents of the world. He examined with them the histories of different countries and various philosophical systems. Aristotle and Plato, Kant and Hegel, together with Sankaracharya and Buddha, Ramanuja and Madhva, Chaitanya and Nimbarka, were thoroughly discussed. The Hindu philosophical systems of Jnana, Bhakti, Yoga, and Karma, each received a due share of attention, and their apparent contradictions were reconciled in the light of Sri Ramakrishna's teachings and experiences.

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