Arno Breker: His Art and Life by B. John Zavrel

By B. John Zavrel

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Do you feel that it is different from other media? It definitely is about collecting and accumulating. I’ve always had piles of little papers and things that have either inspired me or become actual pieces in artwork. I’m able to use those collections to build layers and create different levels of surface design and to combine these with representational images. Overall it’s less about the “window” illusion and more about addressing the work as an object. Is it hard for you to use your stuff? It’s hard for me to use some of the vintage papers I know I can’t replace.

I will use photocopies of black line drawings and will transfer them onto old paper. These transfers sink into the old paper differently because that paper was often unsized or its surface has broken down a bit. I use the same transfer process directly over old writing and shorthand, and then watercolor over that. Why are you so interested in old writing? I like the craftsmanship of old writing. I think in past times writing was a real art form in itself—people practiced penmanship, they used better material, and they applied themselves to writing beautiful and thoughtful letters.

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