Albanian etymological dictionary by Vladimir Orel

By Vladimir Orel

This quantity is a brand new compendium of Albanian etymology tracing hundreds of thousands of recent Albanian phrases again to their origins. It comprises unique details at the Indo-European vocabulary preserved in Albanian in addition to on quite a few loanwords coming from old Greek, Latin, early Romance and Slavic.

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41) and, further, continuing *bhor-uko-, a derivative of IE *bher- 'to carry' (MEYER Wb. 27). The loss of the inlaut -u- points to the stress on the first syllable in PAIb *bciruka, cf. baruke < *bartika. 0 CAMARDA I 58 (correctly compares bark and barre); PEDERSEN KZ XXXVI 327 (follows MEYER), BB XX 238, Pron. 344 (to Gk picppy4); WIEDEMANN BB XXVIII 231 (to LatfarciO 'to cram, to stuff'); BARIC ARSt I 22; TAGLIAVINI Dalmazia 79, Stratificazione 86; MANN Language XVII 7 (comparison with W brych 'afterbirth', W bru `belly'); FRISK I 221; CAMAJ 29, 114 (accepts MEYER'S view); OREL ZfBalk XXIII 145; cABEJ St.

0 GIL 'FERDING Otn. 21 (to Skt ptirusa- `man'); MEYER Wb. 55 (etymologically identifies burre with OHG giburo, Germ Bauer), Alb. St. III 74; SCHUCHARDT KZ XX 254 (from MLat barro); PISANI Saggi (follows MEYER); WIEDEMANN BB XXVII 219 (reconstructs *bhorno- further connected with OHG haro `(free) man'); JOKL LKUBA 230 (follows WIEDEMANN and reconstructs *bherno-); TAGLIAVINI Dalmazia 91 (agrees with JOKL), TAGLIAVINI Stratificazione 113; VASMER ZfslavPh V 368369 (to Illyr Boiipot); RIBEZZO Riv. Alb.

Elemente 15; MEYER Wb. 24; WEIGAND 4). 0 MIKLOSICH Rom. Elemente 4; (from Latin); HELBIG 90 (from Italian); cABEJ Etim. II 155 (from Rom *banea or Ital bagno). bar m, p1. barera harena 'grass'. From PAlb *bara etymologically BARDHE BARI 17 related to Lat far 'sort of grain, spelt' < *bhars-, ON barn 'spelt' and the like (CAMARDA 1336; MEYER Wb. 26, Alb. St. III 71). ); MEYER Alb. St. III 33 (to Gk (pOpoc `(agricultural) yield'); KRETSCHMER Glotta III 338-339, VI 96 (to Gk TOtpttaicov 'drug, healing remedy'); JOKL Vox Rom.

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