Adhesion Measurement of Films & Coatings Vol.2 by Kash L. Mittal

By Kash L. Mittal

This booklet records the court cases of the Second foreign Symposium on Adhesion dimension of movies and Coatings, held in Newark, NJ, October 25-27, 1999. because the First Symposium (Boston 1992) there were significant job in devising new, extra trustworthy and extra effective how one can degree adhesion of movies and coatings, which led to the choice to prepare the Newark Symposium. motion pictures and coatings are used for quite a few reasons – useful, ornamental, protecting, and so on. – in a bunch of functions. regardless of the aim or software of a movie or a coating, their enough adhesion to the underlying substrates is of paramount value. Concomitantly, the necessity to increase options for quantitative evaluation of adhesion of flicks and coatings is all too noticeable. This quantity encompasses a overall of 20 papers, that have all been carefully peer reviewed and definitely converted prior to inclusion. the themes comprise: size and research of interface adhesion; relative adhesion dimension for skinny movie buildings; adhesion checking out of tough coatings by way of a number of thoughts; demanding situations and new instructions in scratch adhesion checking out of lined substrates; program of scratch try out to diversified motion pictures and coatings; evaluate of coating-substrate adhesion via indentation experiments; size of interfacial fracture strength in multifilm purposes; laser precipitated decohesion spectroscopy (LIDS) for measuring adhesion; pulsed laser process for evaluate of adhesion; blade adhesion attempt; JKR adhesion attempt; coefficient of thermal growth size; and residual stresses in diamond motion pictures. This quantity, offering the newest info, should be of significant price and curiosity to an individual operating within the zone of adhesion size of flicks and coatings.

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4 mJ) of a nitrogen laser are focused through a cylindrical lens on the surface of the sample and generate wide-band surface waves. The acoustic waves are detected by a wide-band piezoelectric transducer [12] and recorded by a digital oscilloscope with a sampling rate of 1 GSds. 25 ns. Specimen and transducer are mounted on a translation stage that moves perpendicular to the position of the la- 56 H. Ollendorf et al Figure 3. Schematic representation of the laser-acoustic equipment. ser focus line to vary the distance x between acoustic wave generation and transducer.

Failure surface of peeled polyimide (PI) films. a) & b) PI on S O z , c) & d) PI on A1203, e) & f , PI on MgO. The polyimide in each case is marked on the top of the column of pictures [55]. P. Buchw'alter The peel direction is perpendicular to the stick-slip striations seen as vertical lines across the SEM pictures. As the peel force is reduced the spacing between the stick-slip caused striations decreases resulting finally in a featureless image, as shown in Figure 6e. It should be noted that these striations are not detected on the oxide surfaces [ S I .

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