Adaptive Object-Oriented Software: The Demeter Method with by Karl Lieberherr

By Karl Lieberherr

This groundbreaking e-book offers a whole technique for adaptive programming in any object-oriented language. Lieberherr's process presents a brand new method of object-oriented application layout that is going past item encapsulation and hard-coded navigation paths to accomplish extra versatile interactions between gadgets. Designers utilizing this adaptive technique paintings at the next, extra schematic point of abstraction to layout software program courses. Graph notation is used to symbolize the category constitution of this system, and a "propagation trend" language describes the best way to distribute significant tools (including navigation) around the program's constitution. utilizing this technique, software program designers can create courses which are simply changed and adaptable as wishes evolve.

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3 introduces adaptive programs, describing their structure. Adaptive programs1 are speci ed using propagation patterns, which express program constraints. 4. An adaptive program denotes an entire family of programs, as many programs as there are class structures that satisfy its constraints. A class structure that satis es the constraints of an adaptive program is said to customize the program, and is speci ed as a class dictionary graph. 5. 3 ADAPTIVE PROGRAMMING Conventional object-oriented programs consist of a structural de nition in which a class structure is detailed, and a behavioral de nition where methods attached to the classes in the class structure are implemented.

CLASS Village HAS PARTS END CLASS Village. CLASS Town HAS PARTS universityData : List(University) END CLASS Town. 3: Class settlement and subclasses Class Town has all the parts of class Settlement and additionally a part called universityData. Class Village has only the parts of class Settlement. We still need to express functionality speci c to villages. In this context object-oriented programming uses the concept of inheritance. We say that the class Town and the class Village inherit from class Settlement.

1 or the more succinct notation in Fig. 2. 1: Graphical class de nition Village = Text List(Inhabitant) DemNumber List(SwimmingPool)] List(Settlement)]. 2: Textual class de nition A class can be used as a cookie cutter to cut an object. For example, we can use the class Village to construct the village called Ebnat. We have to provide the information for 1 Class dictionary graph graphical representation, page 431 (6). This is a reference to an instructional objective in Chapter 14, the \nerve center" of the book.

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