Active Java: Object-Oriented Programming for the World Wide by Adam Freeman, Darrel Ince

By Adam Freeman, Darrel Ince

Covers the most principles in the back of the language and offers an intensive advent to new strategies and concerns linked to utilizing Java. Illustrated all through with examples. Paper.

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Java provides similar facilities. However, before describing these facilities it is worth saying a few things about a facility which the language does not contain. Many of the readers of this book will come from a background of programming in languages such as C and Fortran where repetitive processing often involves the use of a statement known as the goto statement. This statement is usually written in the form: goto label; where label is either an integer or some string which identifies a chunk of code later in the program.

Such an abstract class will contain methods known as abstract methods. These methods carry out no actions at all but are just place holders which are filled when a subclass is formed by means of inheritance from the abstract class. In order to explain what you might think is a weird idea it is worth looking at an example of an abstract class. Class A { // Instance variables for the class // Code for method 1 // Code for method 2 // Code for method 3 abstract AbsMethod { } // Code for method n } Class A is regarded as abstract because one of its methods (AbsMethod) contains no code at all and is headed by the keyword abstract.

5. 5 A two-level inheritance hierarchy. What such diagrams represent is a hierarchy showing different levels of generality. As you proceed down the hierarchy the objects defined by the class at a lower level are much more specialized than those that are defined at an upper level, thus DiscountedEarlyPayInvoice is a much more specialized version of an EarlyPayInvoice which, in turn, is a much more specialised version of Invoice. 3 Employee records One of the most common systems found in commercial companies is a personnel system.

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